To identify who is your best customer as a vehicle to help promote your specialised services to the right people, is a really important task to carry out. 

Especially if you’re looking to carry out marketing activities.

Here’s an example of our Best Customer:

  • Someone who really understands the time and cost value of using our Virtual Administration services.
  • Feels stressed and under pressure with the amount of admin as they take on more clients.
  • Someone who sighs at the thought of doing their admin tasks.
  • Loathes doing their invoices on a weekend or formatting their complex reports late into the evening.
  • Really needs a Virtual Administrator to keep them on track.
  • Looking to grow – wants to expand and take on new team members who will all need admin support.
  • Passes us on to their colleagues – shouts loudly about us!

So tell me, who is your ‘Best Customer’ – how would you describe them?

If you think this will help towards your marketing activities, give Tracey a call on 07939 935755.