We help case managers, domiciliary care providers and Drs become registered with the Care Quality Commission and support them in getting inspection ready with the Single Assessment Framework.

Registration Process

Navigating your way through the registration process can be a challenge.  We help you complete your online application to the CQC, hand holding you through the whole submission process and answering any questions the CQC ask following your registration application.

We help with completing your responses to the Quality Statements as part of your online application and creating your Statement of Purpose.

We provide all the additional documents that are required as part of your application, for example, financial viability form, safeguarding policy, equality diversity inclusion policy, medications management policy and code of governance policy.  Plus, support with your business plan, financial forecasting and business continuity plan.

Initial Interview   

Generally, around 10-12 weeks after your CQC submission you will be invited to an initial interview with a regional inspector.  This is usually over a Zoom/Teams call which can take around two to three hours.

We will help you get ready for your Initial Interview with the necessary documentation that will be required, including a service user guide and the fit and proper persons policy.

We offer Registered Managers one-on-one interview preparation and support. A set of four virtual one hourly sessions tailored to suit your needs and get you ready for CQC Interview.

To find out more about the one-to-one interview preparation, please contact Georgina Turner (Inspired for Health) on 07849 389284 or email info@inspiredforhealth.co.uk.

Getting Inspection Ready   

To help you get Inspection Ready we can provide support with:

  • Understanding the Quality Statements and how to evidence collect against Safe, Effective, Responsive, Caring and Well Led;
  • Understanding the 6 Evidence Categories;
  • How to collect information for your ‘I Statements’;
  • Support with creating your policies;
  • Understand your obligations around Statutory Notifications;
  • Understand the Regulations as part of the Health and Social Care Act 2008;
  • Putting a GDPR Data Protection Compliancy Action Plan in place;
  • Review your A-Z of processes;
  • Using our Audit Toolbox to create 12 of the main audit areas;
  • Plus, lots and lots more.

To find more information about the Single Assessment Framework, come along to our webinars.

There’s lots to prepare for and knowledge you’ll need to have in place, so ask Tracey Clarke for help on 07939 935755 or email tracey@virtual-administration.co.uk


Part of the process in getting inspection ready, is to ensure audits are carried out, to include all the areas as below:

  1. Care Plan and Risk Assessments
  2. Complaints
  3. Data Protection
  4. Environmental spot checks
  5. Infection Control
  6. Medications Management
  7. Policies and Procedures
  8. Record Keeping
  9. Recruitment Processes
  10. Support Worker Handbook
  11. Technology
  12. Training

We can provide the audit documents for each of the 12 areas above, please get in touch by email tracey@virtual-administration.com or telephone us on 07939 935755 for a further discussion.

Mock Inspection with Georgina Turner at Inspired for Health

Georgina Turner will hand-hold you through a Mock Inspection.  To find out more about the Mock Inspections please contact Georgina Turner at Inspired for Health on 07849 389284 or email info@inspiredforhealth.co.uk



We have supported over 80 healthcare provider companies with their CQC application and process through their initial interview.  See our testimonials below.

Hi Tracey

The QI officer was very impressed. I thought we were doing things well but when I came to complete the spreadsheet, we actually had gaping holes, and so I’m actually in support of the new SAF.

But yes, I would not have achieved that without the very first session of yours that I sat on. An excellent resource and I am sure it will help a lot of people if they can (and need to), find the time to put it together. I’m sure mine can still be improved.

I also remembered that Portsmouth City Council came out and undertook a review in January and I gave them a copy of our SAF spreadsheet. I will chase him for the report as that will count as feedback.

Many thanks for your interpretation and efforts to support us. I’ll let you know when we get inspected and how it was used.

By all means use my feedback to promote your service/business 🙂

Pam Butler – Director of Operations & Registered Manager at Aster Care

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the support you are currently providing regarding the KLOE’s and my CQC Registration. Being completely honest, without your support and guidance I am not sure that I would feel confident in completing the process alone, the registration process is quite daunting! Your knowledge and expertise in this area, along with a natural ability to extract the necessary information in a really positive and relaxed manner, makes the process interesting and informative, following each session I feel that I have a much better understanding of the process and I have gained more self confidence, which is great!

It is a pleasure to work with you Tracey, you are always prepared, you go over and above that which is required of you, and you always have a smile, thank you.

Janet Taylor – Case Manager & Registered Manager at PINC Management Limited

WE DID IT !!!!!!!

You are Amazing and helped us through this mine field !!!!!

Thank you for very much 😊

Sabrina Dodson – Case Manager and Registered Manager at Care Ltd

I would like to let you know and shout about our good news today: Kindred Community Ltd was today awarded its CQC registration, with myself as the Registered Manager. 

We are now CQC registered for the scope of:

  • Treatment disease disorder and injury
  • Personal Care 

We want to say we really appreciate all your support to myself and the company and also how we enjoy working with you and the team at Virtual Admin as you know! You always pull what we need out the bag!  So thank you. 

Kathryn Howard  – Case Manager / Counsellor / Clinical Supervisor at Kindred Community Ltd

I have been working with Virtual Administration for the past few months in order to register with CQC as a Case Management Company. The services provided are more than professional and very straight forward. Very quick and reliable. Friendly staff and most importantly committed. Basically I couldn’t be happier with the services provided.

Emese Negroiu – Registered Manager at Horton Tower 

Tracey is currently supporting me through the relative minefield of CQC registration and her support throughout has been wonderful.  She has provided essential practical support by supplying relevant paperwork for me to tweak to my individual situation, has guided me through the process and most significantly she is always available to chat things through and has kept me sane at times of feeling rather overwhelmed!

Anne-Marie Burnett – Case Manager & Registered Manager at Head Smart Rehab Ltd