Tracey and I had a webinar to discuss the requirements for a service in regards to CQC. This was highly informative, clear and easy to understand. Tracey had undertaken a large piece of work to aid the business in getting compliant with CQC legislation which has made me feel comfortable and confident in working within my role to facilitate this. Tracey is open, honest and approachable and is a wealth of knowledge. Her skills are highly valued and she is an asset to the business. I look forward to continuing to work with Tracey and learning about more topics which she has a wealth of knowledge about.

Becky Howe - Paediatric Assistant Case Manager, Alder Associates

The GDPR exercise was so helpful, it gave us reassurance as a company that all our paperwork was correct and compliant.  Not only did this save time for company it saved a lot of money.  It also took a lot of stress off the management team.  We contacted you on a regular basis for some advice and you were so accommodating. We recommended virtual administration to other companies and felt we had developed an excellent working relationship.

When Rhiannon came on board, she explained that there is so much of our work which can be passed to Virtual Administration, which we did. Our main issue was when the case managers suddenly come up with audio typing.  None of us are experienced, we do not have the technology.  When we sent the transcripts to you, the turnaround was quick.  This took the pressure of the admin team and saved our clients’ money as well.

Jenny Mitchell, Director of Business and Operations - Brain Injury Services Ltd

We love working with Jayme because she is knowledgeable about the systems and platforms we use.  She is efficient at completing work within these platforms.  Jayme is dynamic and intuitive and will follow up on work set and produce quality documents on our behalf.  It saves time within the office as she is focused on the work we send her.  Jayme has helped us to have a successful, high quality business.

Nikki Smith, Director and CQC Registered Manager - StanleySmith Case Management
Nothing is too much trouble for Maxine. Great knowledge of Qunote, vital to keeping my record keeping up to date.
Carole Chantler RN. MA, Case Management and Rehabilitation - Carole Chantler Ltd

The creation of our GDPR Compliancy Action Plan has been very helpful, thank you to you and your team in assisting me to navigate this process, much appreciated. Given my experience with using your services I have since recommended Virtual Administration to a number of my colleagues.

Amanda Rendle-James , Occupational Therapist

Things are fantastic with Denise (Virtual PA), she is an absolute super star!!!

She’s doing a lot of different things for me that she did not do before but it’s starting to take shape and making my life loads easier. I’m slowly getting my life back, yes it’s at a financial cost but it’s so worth it.

Kay Taylor, Case Manager at NeuroHealth Case Management Services

I’m very happy with Teresa and she has been taking initiative to help / supporting me with developing the administration side of the business, which is awesome!

Kayur Kotecha, Transcend Rehabilitation
I have attended 3 CQC webinars hosted by Tracey and I found them very comprehensive and informative. There was a lot of information and Tracey was very helpful by emailing me separately with answers to questions I had. Tracey also provided examples of evidence I could use. It can be very overwhelming with the amount of evidence that is required, but I appreciated how Tracey was able to clarify a few things I didn’t quite understand. There is still a lot on my side that is outstanding but if I know I can always ask for further assistance.
Right Trust Care

Maria is being an incredible help during our period of reduced admin support.

Sue Cassidy, Director - UK Case Management

I would like to let you know and shout about our good news today: Kindred Community Ltd was today awarded it’s CQC registration, with myself as the Registered Manager.

We are now CQC registered for the scope of: Treatment disease disorder and injury & Personal Care.

We want to say we really appreciate all your support to myself and the company and also how we enjoy working with you and the team at Virtual Admin as you know! You always pull what we need out the bag! So thank you.

Kathryn Howard, Case Manager / Counsellor / Clinical Supervisor - Kindred Community Ltd

All About Therapy has worked with Kirsty for several years, providing us with excellent administrative support ensuring efficient operation of our virtual office.  Services include improving company time and cost efficiencies with Kirsty contributing to and implementing in house procedures taking on additional responsibilities.  Our clinicians said, “We can get on with our job and Kirsty does the rest”.   From everyone at All About Therapy We Thank You.

Angela Brownlow, Occupational Therapist and Case Manager - All About Therapy

I love working with Jayme as she has a good understanding of my reports and always returns them to me promptly.  It has helped me as I get another person’s overview of my reports as it can be difficult to proof read effectively when you have written the report.

Sally Hoare, Occupational Therapist and Case Manager

I asked Tracey to help me make changes to my business in line with new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. I can’t begin to praise Tracey enough. She was able to quickly and efficiently help me review my service, assess my GDPR needs and draw up the relevant documents ready for me to simply insert into my business. I feel generally more organised and professional than I did before. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service.

Emma Merriman , Rehabilitation

Just to say how pleased I am with the Virtual PA work Daisy does and the way she works. I am learning that I can send anything to Daisy and she will apply herself and think about what she is doing. This makes this a rewarding and very worthwhile service. Peace of mind indeed for me knowing what I send is in a safe pair of hands.

Without wishing to embarrass Daisy, this needs acknowledgment.

Amanda Nott, Rehabilitation Case Management Consultant

I just wanted to provide feedback that Denise’s work and support with admin has been exceptional. Her admin support has made an invaluable change to my work productivity and time management.

Christine Michael , Case Manager – NeuroHealth Case Management Services

With over 150 Physiotherapists based throughout the UK, mapping their locations and details in a usable and interactive way has previously proved difficult.

The dedicated team at VA created an interactive and visual map detailing the location of my team within the hour. Their expertise, knowledge and understanding of my company requirements have exceeded my expectations and I cannot thank them enough. I highly recommend VA for their speed of service, efficiency and service costs. Thank you once again.

Simon Berrell, Clinical Director – The Neuro Physio Service

We cannot thank Tracey at Virtual administration enough.

Tracey walked us through a very complicated process providing administration, documentation and policies for our company which has been invaluable.

Sonia Woodward, Director – Sonia Woodward Ltd

Maria is brilliant. She completes work very efficiently and never has to clarify anything. She is very reliable, professional and efficient.

Suzanne Froggett, Clinical Lead Case Manager - UK Case Management
I do wish I met you as I set my little company up. I came across you via John Walker when I asked him about buying some policies from their company. I definitely would have used you sooner had I known how well you understand case management and that made all the difference. I did not need to teach you what I do, you knew the complexities of the job and you already established short cuts, policies, and procedures to support the likes of me.
Linda Jooste, BiCM - Brain Injury Case Management
Sue’s tenure with Remedy Healthcare has been successful and allowed us to navigate a tricky transitional phase regarding our ability to accurately invoice and track payments.

Prior to joining the company, Sue had no knowledge of the system we had procured to operate our invoicing and importantly, neither did anyone in the company. Everything was new and there was little training available, requiring Sue to learn as she went and have a can-do attitude to finding solutions where we lacked mature processes. This positive approach has continued throughout her time at Remedy, and in addition to following processes well, she has also shown initiative where required to make incremental improvements and suggestions.
Perhaps therefore, it is Sue’s ability to adapt and adjust to changeable circumstances and demands that assures her value as a virtual assistant.

We thank Sue for her time with us and Virtual Administration for providing access to quality assistance. Should the requirement arise in the future, we would not hesitate to procure their services again.

Evan Page – Business Manager, Remedy Healthcare Ltd
Thanks Tracey – I would be lost without Denise.  She is truly exceptional and I am extremely fortunate to have her in my life.  Thanks to you both for looking after us!

Dr Penny Trayner, Clinical Neuropsychology Services Ltd
Julie has been great, very professional, very responsive and extremely thorough in proof reading reports I’ve sent to her. The ‘turn-around’ time is quick too.
Dr Pete Fleming, CPsychol AFBPsS, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist - Nuffield Health

Denise is an excellent asset. I can’t quite work out how I managed without her!! (Although I still feel just as busy, at least she keeps me sane whilst I’m dashing about!).

Dr Dawn Adams, CAPS Psychology Ltd

I found the webinar really useful – you covered everything really comprehensively, I’ve got so much useful information from it, and am understanding compliance fully now. Yes, it is a dry subject, but your energy certainly made it easier to follow, and I thought that you answered everyone’s questions thoroughly without spending too long on each section. So, thank you so much for your time Tracey, and I’m sure that we will be in touch with you for help of some kind in the not too distant future!

Mandy Martell , Sleep Unlimited Ltd

Tracey is a very receptive to her client’s needs, she is a good listener and responded quickly to any of our questions. Tracey took us through the whole GDPR compliancy and set up documents we required for our new business. She understood our requirements and sent drafts promptly to ensure that nothing was amiss. The whole experience of working with Tracey was undoubtedly a good one. We would highly recommend the service to others.

Donna Wood, OTbuddies Ltd

Jayme – I think you did a great job! It’s amazing to see how many spelling/grammar errors are still remaining after I’ve re-read it. You raised good questions about context and clarity. There was one question you asked (can’t remember which one) that really highlighted how unclear my sentence was. Only I knew what I was talking about. This tends to happen after writing the same thing over and over. I was blue in the face writing “non weight bearing”. I just start assuming the reader knows everything I know. Please keep up your inquisitive nature about my unclear points. Those questions are super important in conveying my message clearly.

Jayme, you rock!  Thank you so much!

Arely Diaz - Director, Therapy Wurx
Apart from the hope that you can meet my needs and the price, the thing that swayed me was you were responsive every time I made contact. I called and you responded quickly and efficiently, there was another VA company that took over a week to respond. This set a precedence that this may be how everything is done. The other thing that was different was you did not immediately send me a link to book myself in, you did this in person this makes me feel I’m communicating with real people, and I like that. You even helped me with writing a letter without making me feel stupid for asking this made me feel you were willing to go the extra mile.
Kirsteen Chassels, Activate OT Ltd