After reading an article showing the Top 10 causes of stress in businesses in the Federation of Small Businesses – First Voice magazine, I was not surprised to see the top 3 reasons.

Anyone running a business knows the responsibility of making a success of the business, especially when you have a team who depend on you bringing in the work.

No surprise with managing staff as being number one.

The day to day admin tasks coming in as second, is a normal response when chatting with our independent therapists and case management clients, who constantly tell me they work evenings and weekends to catch up on their invoices, writing reports, responding to emails etc.

Many tell me the work life balance is the most difficult part. Carving out time just for yourself is extremely challenging. Leaving those 30 odd emails to be answered tomorrow instead of 9.30 in the evening is really tough going.

Maybe it’s time to change and start delegating some of your tasks!