I read a lovely article in THIIS magazine about Katie Ellis, the director of Able Label, a stylish clothing and accessories range for women with restricted movement and reduced fine motor skills.

I have a friend who has difficulty stretching out her arm, which stops her from doing the simple task of putting on a coat, so she is always having to rely on another person.

I love the Velcro fastening bra’s, perfect for us females struggling to reach behind to fasten.  The Abel Label has some gorgeous knitted wraps and nightwear too.

Katie, the director, talks about the enjoyment of receiving testimonials from customers explaining the huge difference their products have made to them, for example being able to wear a coat which was easy to get in and out of, allowing the customer feel more confident in going out on her own.

I completely understand the huge importance of feeling confident in going out and being independent.  Anything that makes us feel restricted or uncomfortable can easily knock our confidence and make the decision on whether to go out, whether it’s a visit to the supermarket or dressing up to meet friends for dinner in a restaurant more difficult. Feeling nice in clothes is so important in making us feel good.