I am always intrigued to see how other companies promote their services, whether online using LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or at conferences.  It’s a business expense which needs to be budgeted for with an eye on your ROI (Return on Investment).


Knowing your key audience and which conferences to go along to is a must.  It’s pretty straight forward for our Virtual PA company as our potential clients go along to the case management conferences, the physiotherapy, OT and SLT annual events.  Having an exhibition stand is the fun part.  Albeit an expensive outlay, it’s a great way of raising the awareness of what we do, continuously meeting clients, friends and new people.  The decision is choosing which events to exhibit at or go along as an attendee.


Without a shadow of a doubt, LinkedIn has been our favoured social media platform and continuously works well in generating interest from people seeing our posts about the virtual admin support and our regular CQC webinars.  It’s not a quick win for anyone new starting out new.  It takes time to build your connections and persistence in pushing out regular posts about the services you provide and most importantly information that your target audience will be interested in reading.  You need to be in it for the long game and be tenacious, once you’re on the ‘merry-go-round’ keep it up, don’t stop.


The biggest job is following up and keeping in touch.  Sending a message on LinkedIn or by email (if you have their business card) to those people you met at conferences is a must.  Methodically going through the attendee list, finding the people on LinkedIn to connect with is priority.

Remind them about the services you provide and ask questions that require a response.

If you do offer webinars, don’t forget to promote them and send reminders to those people you connected with from the conferences, they won’t know about them unless you tell them!


Lastly, if you find you are struggling to keep on top of this important job of marketing your services, we can help you.  Give us a call on 01636 658619 or email tracey@virtual-administration.com