An example of how using a Virtual PA can help you in managing the admin tasks of a small business.

Dealing with new enquiries and responding to general requests

We are the first point of contact when a new enquiry or request for information or support from your company is required. We can field all of your calls and make a decision on the priority of the call, making sure messages are passed to you urgently via text and email.

Holding a comprehensive spreadsheet of contacts

  • We understand the importance of holding contact information on clients, suppliers, general contacts and having this information to hand is essential.

Booking appointments and keeping your diary

  • We can book appointments find out where the meeting is to be held and how long the journey is likely to take.
  • Keeping track of diaries/calendars using applications like Google Calendar.

Formatting reports and typing documents

  • We can create, type and format reports, letters, instructions, templates, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.
  • We have a great awareness of the quality and level of information, detail, accuracy and layout of documents. We can hold your templates so all you need to do is send over the content in basic format and we’ll do the rest.

Keep track of your receipts and expenses

  • We can keep a record of your expenses (travel/postage/stationery) from your receipts on a monthly basis making it easier to pass onto your accountant in a simple and straight forward spreadsheet.

Create Invoices

  • We can create your invoice template and generate your invoices and send out.
  • We can chase up any late paying invoices too.

What we are truly great at providing

Managing the admin tasks of a small business means small business owners wear many hats and juggle many tasks. There will always be an emergency or a piece of work that becomes mega urgent. Our duty is to help stop that overwhelming stressful feeling and to sort out any problems quickly and efficiently, allowing you to carry on with your daily tasks.

A good example is the dreaded phone call from school when children are poorly and need to be collected early, leaving you having to drop everything at short notice. We can be on hand to make those urgent phone calls and keep your business working while you deal with more pressing family matters.

We have first-hand knowledge from our clients that having day to day support from a Virtual PA is worth its weight in gold. Being able to delegate tasks and knowing they will be carried out professionally and to deadlines is a huge time saver and definitely worth the money spent.