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What if I told you that there was a way that you and your practice could be visible to your ideal client in the exact moment that they are trying to find a solution to the problem that you offer to solve?

Kinda sounds too good to be true, right? Well, thanks to the power of Google Ads, it isn’t!

I know what you’re probably thinking: Oh god, Google Ads? That’s not for me!

If that has been your perception of Google Ads in the past, you’re not alone. Most practitioners, most business owners even, tend to believe that Google Ads are way too expensive and complicated for them to take advantage of.

Sure, Google Ads can be a bit of a minefield. It can take years to fully understand all the complexities of how Google Ads work (I know I don’t!).

The good news however is that in order to start seeing good results with Google Ads, the basics are more than enough. And it just so happens that the basics really aren’t that complicated.

If you thoroughly read this article from beginning to end, you should have the knowledge and the confidence you need to start using Google Ads to win new clients for your practice.

In order to do that, I will answer these six simple questions:

  • What exactly are Google Ads?
  • How do Google Ads work?
  • How do I develop a Google Ads strategy for my practice?
  • How do I set up a campaign in Google Ads?
  • How do I monitor if my Google Ads are working?

There is much to learn and I know you’re busy. So let’s jump right in!  To read more click here.