An example of how using a Virtual PA can help you in managing the new patient enquiry process.

For a private practice e.g. a children’s physiotherapy service, with a team of associate therapists providing treatment to patients covering different areas of the country – this is a brief example of how a new patient enquiry is dealt with via a case management company.

  • New patient enquiry comes in from Case Manager
  • Check availability and which associate therapist is based nearest to treat new patient
  • Provide CV of associate therapist and treatment costs to Case Manager
  • Send Terms of Business to Case Manager for signing
  • Case Manager will likely request costings for initial assessment and ongoing treatment costs – wait on confirmation once sent
  • Request sent to Case Manager for any reports – plus name of solicitor/receiver for sending invoices to
  • Send suggested dates for initial assessment to Case Manager
  • Date booked with therapist for initial assessment
  • Once initial assessment carried out – therapist creates report
  • Report sent to admin for formatting, once approved report sent onto Case Manager
  • Send Case Manager costings of further treatment/intervention
  • Invoice solicitor/receiver for initial assessment visit
  • Further treatment sessions booked

Most independent therapists work with self funding clients, those that attend the clinic or receive a home/school visit from the treating therapist, e.g. children’s physiotherapist to carry out a session in school or a speech and language therapist to carry out their therapy session with the care team at home.

Some independent therapists work direct with case management companies like Bush & Company or JS Parker.

This demonstrates our understanding of managing the new patient enquiry process and the Virtual PA support we are able to provide to a growing therapy business.