An important part of the evidence required for the CQC inspection is collecting feedback on the case management service you provide.

How do you know if your clients are happy with the service that you provide?  Do you ever ask them?

What about your team of support workers, how often do you ask them to fill out a feedback form?

What about your stakeholders, your MDT members, the solicitors you work with, the financial deputies – do you know how they feel about the service you provide and your communication activities?

If the CQC inspector asked you for feedback from your clients or any of your stakeholders, what would you show them?

Have you thought about getting your company registered on Trust Pilot.  We did this last month and started asking several our clients to give as a rating.  This is a positive way of evidencing to your inspector, how your company is seen and rated by clients/companies that use your service.

We have developed a set of feedback forms that match with the Key Lines of Enquiry to send to your clients, support workers and stakeholders.  Here is a snapshot of the Safe Survey for Clients below to give you an idea of what it would look like.

For more information about the Client Feedback forms please contact Tracey at

Don’t forget to ask all your clients, your support workers, you MDT members and wider stakeholders to watch the CQC YouTube video – it’s really worth their while to see how they fit in to the bigger picture.