As a Case Manager this big decision is to be taken very seriously and is yours to make.

The CQC will only ever point you to their website to read the information on guidance for providers – Adult Social Care.

They will not make the decision for you.

If you manage/supervise support workers who provide personal care to a client you need to be registered with the CQC. 

Personal Care – what does it mean

There definition says the provision of personal care for persons who, by reason of old age, illness or disability are unable to provide it for themselves and which is provided in a place where those persons are living at the time the care is provided.

To understand more take a look at CQC’s Personal Care: ongoing direction or control of service – guidance for providers

As a case manager if you do any of the following you must be registered for ‘Personal Care’.

  • Creates and reviews the care plan, including making changes as necessary, in consultation with the client.
  • Monitors the personal care provided by the support worker(s) to the client and, as a result of this monitoring, takes responsibility for replacing the support worker(s) for any reason.
  • Seeks the views of the client receiving the service or you as the case manager, acts as their advocate. As a result, advises or directs changes to the activity of the support worker, such as changes to the frequency of visits, or the type of care provided, or the way in which the support worker performs the agreed tasks.
  • Arranges a rota of support workers so that visits and care are provided when required by the client.
  • Continues to charge the client for the service being provided by the support worker, excluding where arrangements have been made to enable a one-off introduction fee to be paid by instalments.
  • Agrees to organise cover for any sickness or leave that may arise – other than when the client makes an independent request to introduce another support worker to cover leave or sickness.

Even where the deputy is the employer of the support worker(s) and you as the case manager are responsible for the direct provision of the care to the client, as in supervising/managing the support worker(s) – it certainly looks like you need to be registered with the CQC.


The regulated activity of personal care DOES NOT APPLY in the following circumstances:

  • The deputy or employment agency introduces a support worker to a client and has no further involvement at all.
  • When the client takes responsibility for the provision of their own care under a personal budget or private arrangement.

To read more about the exemptions as an ‘ongoing role’ see here –

What are your thoughts on the CQC registration – we’re really keen to hear your views.