We like to think that, as humans, we are in control, can do everything, be answerable to everyone, while spinning lots of plates at the same time!

We attempt to run a home, run a business, hold down a full time job, bring up the kids, strive towards having a healthy lifestyle and a perfect partner to boot – providing an image of total bliss! Wouldn’t it be nice?

We would all benefit from having a Personal Assistant – dedicated to supporting us. No matter how organised a person you are, there is always space for someone else to do something for you.  To lighten the load, give you some breathing space, thinking time, some well-deserved ‘me time’.

So, if you are in a position of having a Personal Assistant, think about what other jobs they could do for you outside of those regular business admin tasks.

What’s on your bucket list to do, that you never get round to researching on the internet?

  • Get your Personal Assistant to look for some fabulous audio books to listen to on your noise-cancelling headphones while you run on the treadmill at the gym or during your walk with the dog.
  • You really need a new pair of comfy shoes for work but don’t have time to look online, give your PA a description and a couple of suggestions and see what they can find for you.
  • Dad’s birthday is coming up, no idea of what to buy for a present, another reason to get your PA on the case.
  • You have a friend coming to stay in three weeks and their choice of food is vegan, ask your PA to create a breakfast, lunch, dinner plan with loads of suggestions, where to buy the food, etc.
  • Tap’s leaking? Ask your PA to find you a local plumber with good ratings.
  • The favourite is where to go on holiday this year – ask your PA to research some suggestions, with costs, accommodation ideas and places to visit.