Have a listen to the podcast presented by Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan at PsychWorks Associates and myself discussing the issue of how to use a VA to reduce overwhelm.

https://www.psychworks.org.uk/podcast – there are some real nuggets of information.


Shabnam has put together a fantastic set of podcasts under the theme of ‘The Psychology of Case Management’.  Producing excellent podcasts chatting with numerous professionals talking about the Imposter Syndrome, how to do recruitment well, what makes a case management business run well, Tai Chi for those with neurological injuries and many more fascinating subjects.

Admitting your struggling with the overload of your extremely busy working life is an important step to take.

If you think, looking after your clients, your associates, the invoicing, keeping on top of the hundreds of emails to be logged onto Qunote and the hours of administration that you rack up each week is no mean feat.  Along with running your busy household, looking after the kids, schooling and supporting older family members, trying to fit all this in is a huge ask.

No wonder we’re feeling worn out!

A little bit of self-reflection, realising you need some help is a good thing, consider these:

  • Dare to leave your mobile at home for an hour while you go do the weekly shopping? Scared that you might miss an important email?
  • When was the last time you took a Friday afternoon off work to go to the hairdressers to treat yourself?
  • Are you constantly staring at your computer screen late in the evening, constantly saying ‘just a minute’ when the kids ask you a question or want your attention?

There are some really great tips to take away from this podcast about how to use the services of a Virtual PA, many of you will recognise and think, oh goodness, yes that’s me, that’s just how I feel.

So what’s stopping you?

Pick up the phone and ask us for some help with your administration!